Clemson's Ray-Ray McCloud Loses Shoe During Amazing Punt Return, Drops Football Before He Reaches the End Zone

Hold on to the dang football, people!

If there's one thing in football you should never do, it's drop the ball before you cross the goal line because you start to celebrate too soon. You will join a select group of players, including DeSean Jackson, with whom you really don't  want to be associated, and you'll be routinely mocked for the rest of your life. Clemson's Ray-Ray McCloud is now officially a member of that club.

After fielding a punt return with less than two minutes remaining before the half, McCloud zoomed through Troy's defenses, criss-crossing between opponents and even losing his shoe in the process. He was inches away from an incredibly epic punt return for a touchdown when he decided to start celebrating—and he dropped the football just before he crossed the goal line.

McCloud shouldn't even get his shoe back because of this nonsense. Just hold on to the football, bro!


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock