Watch Every 3-Pointer the Cleveland Cavaliers Made to Tie an NBA Playoff Record

J.R. Smith and his teammates had it raining 3-balls in the Q last night. Watch all 20 fall and bury the Pistons.

Kyrie Irving

When the going gets tough, launch as many 3's as possible. That's what the Cleveland Cavaliers did when they were staring at a 5-point deficit early in the third quarter against a scrappy Detroit Pistons team. By the end of the night, the Cavs had tied the NBA record for most 3's in a playoff game with 20, and come away with a 107-90 victory.

The 3's came from everywhere. J.R. Smith hit seven. Kyrie Irving hit four. Kevin Love hit three. Even LeBron James, who this season shot the lowest percentage of his career from deep, added a couple. The Pistons wound up buried beneath an avalanche of treys, and when they finally climbed out of the rubble, they found themselves down 2-0 as their first round Eastern Conference  series heads to Detriot.

That's a whole lotta 3's.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock