How Will College Football Playoffs Affect You?

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Alabama's pummeling of the LSU Tigers has rejuvenated college football playoff talk once again—except this time, it's for real. A high-ranking BCS official told the Sporting News, "It gets done," after the Tide's 21-0 blowout. As expected, college football fans across the country happily welcomed the news. But what does it mean for high school athletes?

Analysts have debated what such a dramatic change to the BCS landscape would do for universities, conferences and players. The most common concern is money, with bowl organizers worrying how a change would impact their revenue streams. But we're more interested in how a playoff would affect high school athletes. And we're turning to you, our STACKletes, for some answers.

How would a college football playoff system impact your decision-making during the recruiting process? Is there a certain conference you've always wanted to join? Would a national playoff open up your college selection? Does no BCS point system mean you're not as concerned about the conference? Would a playoff system not impact your decision-making process at all?

Go to our Facebook page and "like" us to take part in an ongoing poll. Convey your thoughts on a potential playoff system and post your comments on our wall. We'll follow up with another post summarizing your responses, so we can all better understand how the upcoming playoff system will influence the college recruiting experience.


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