Common Expected to Challenge Keanu Reeves in 'John Wick 2'

Rapper-turned actor Common plays a villain who goes up against Keanu Reeve in the upcoming 'John Wick 2.'

Common (Run All Night) has been cast as the chief villain in John Wick 2. The newly popular actor will star opposite Keanu Reeves, who is returning in the title role in this follow-up to last year's surprise hit action flick.

The original film centered on Reeves's character, an ex-hitman who is compelled to exact vengeance against gangsters who broke into his house, beat him and killed his dog. Few details are being revealed about the sequel, but it has been reported that Common's character is the head of security for a female crime lord, which is enough to set our imaginations ablaze.

Screenwriter Derek Kolstad returns to write the script. Besides this franchise, Kolstad, is best known for writing another big screen crime thriller, the 2012 Dolph Lundgren flick The Package. Stuntman-turned-filmmaker Chad Stahelsk, who made his feature directorial debut co-directing the first movie alongside David Leitch, is tackling this installment solo.

The cast also features British-born actor Ian McShane, who will reprise his role as Winston. This is one of at least four films McShane has coming out next year, including the Sacha Baron Cohen comedy The Brothers Grimsby.

Although Common has enjoyed notable success over the last few years, appearing in hit movies like Date Night and Now You See Me, the rapper-turned-actor seems to have even brighter days ahead. He has a string of exciting and diverse projects lined up, including Suicide SquadBarbershop 3 and the TV musical The Wiz Live!, which will air Dec. 3 on NBC.

John Wick 2 is currently in production and slated for a 2016 release.


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