Three Drills to Grab More Interceptions This Season

Grab more interceptions this season with three defensive back drills from Atlanta Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson.

As a cornerback, you'll be involved in dozens of plays this year where the difference between a touchdown and an interception is a couple inches or a half second. Come out ahead on those close plays and grab more picks with these three drills (videos above) from Atlanta Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson.

Jump Ball Drill

Goal: Start catching jump balls, not just tipping them.
Every game, most quarterbacks end up throwing a few "jump balls," which are just as likely to be caught by the defensive back as by the receiver. Working on jumping and catching those balls instead of batting them away is a great way to add a few easy interceptions to your season total.

  • Coach lobs ball straight up
  • Both cornerback and receiver try to catch ball at its highest point
  • Work on catches with both left and right hand

Set/Reps: 1x2

Cone Mirror Drill

Goal: Keep receivers moving laterally as long as possible.
The longer a defensive back can keep a receiver moving side to side, the better chance he has of shutting him down. This drill helps athletes develop the lateral speed and agility they need to keep up with elite receivers.

  • Place five cones in line three yards apart
  • Two players shuffle as quickly as possible from first cone to second, return to start
  • Repeat pattern for remaining cones
  • Switch sides for next set

Set/Reps: 1x2, with 45 seconds rest

Coaching Points: Keep feet from getting too wide apart and make sure they stay under body // Maintain balance while moving laterally as fast as possible // Remain square with partner without crossing feet

Race Directional Drill

Goal: Keep up with receivers once they've broken cushion.
This drill helps cornerbacks maintain a controlling position on receivers, giving them the ability to predict routes better and move into position for more interceptions.


  • Start drill as if wide receiver has broken cushion
  • Maintain over-the-top inside leverage on receiver
  • Wide receiver determines route based on defensive back's position

Set/Reps: 1x2, with 45 seconds rest

Coaching Points: Focus on receiver's core and outside hip to determine where the route is going // Keep receiver from running even with or ahead of defensive back

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock