Develop a More Powerful Volleyball Serve

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Serving with both velocity and accuracy is essential when playing at higher levels. Focusing on proper mechanics will reduce the risk of injury and increase your chances for success. Here's a drill you can do to improve your serve:

How to Do It:
Perform jump serves to specific areas of a volleyball court.

First set: Hit six serves each to three different spots on the court, zone 5, zone 6 and zone 1. Aim for about 70 percent of your maximum serve velocity.

Second set: Hit 10 serves into the seam between zones 1& 6 and 10 serves into the seam between zones 5 & 6. Bump up the velocity to 80 percent of your max.

Third set: Go for 100 percent velocity, seeing how many balls you can place on target.

Having trouble with the basics? Follow these tips:

The Toss
On your first step with your dominant foot, toss the ball with your dominant hand. For most of us, that's right foot, right hand. Throw it high enough so that when you jump, you can reach full extension with your arm overhead.

The Steps
Just as the ball is released, take a fast step with your left foot while keeping arms in front. Then, rotate the right foot 45 degrees to the right and swing your arms behind you.

The Jump
Take a fourth, close step, critical to vertical motion. Your arms should be coming back up at this point. Jump with two feet in a pigeon-toed stance and lift both arms overhead.

The Spike
Visualize pulling your right hip and shoulder back as you rise. Keep your arms above your head, preparing your right arm to swing down. Stretch as tall as you can, and contact the ball at full extension with your whole hand while following through the ball.