Donald Trump's St. Louis Rally Speech Shows He Knows Absolutely Nothing About Football

Watch Donald Trump BS his way through a rally speech in St. Louis, revealing he has no clue about the NFL or college football.

Donald Trump on Missouri Football

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump showed up at his rally in St. Louis, Missouri and immediately tried to guy it up by praising Missouri's great football teams. "Missouri, good football teams," he bellowed to an adoring crowd. He must've been referring to the St. Louis Los Angeles Rams, a team that bolted for the West Coast a few months ago.

He then started talking about the great college football teams in the state. "Those college teams are good. What are you going to do this year? I think pretty good stuff, huh? Came from nowhere... You vote a big one for me, I'm coming to one of those games."

Trump clearly has no idea what "those college teams" are or what "one of those games" consists of, and he's totally ignorant of the fact that all three college football teams in the state of Missouri had dismal records last season, a combined win-loss total of 10-24.

We offer Trump this simple advice: stick to political issues. But the consensus of opinion shows he knows little about those as well.

You can watch the video of his bizarre speech over at Deadspin.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock