Don't You Dare Interrupt Russell Westbrook's Pregame Dance Routine

Russell Westbrook on opponents who interrupt his pregame dance routine: 'that's for the guys that don't play.'

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is a national treasure. His statue should be prominently displayed in the Smithsonian once his basketball career is over.

Creativity and style are Westbrook's hallmarks. He performs an elaborate dance routine with teammate Cameron Payne before each tipoff. Because NBA players are creatures of habit, especially on game days, any interruption of that pregame routine can result in dire consequences, as the Dallas Mavericks' Charlie Villanueva and James Anderson quickly found out.

Westbrook and Payne were breaking it down ahead of Game 2 of their Western Conference Playoffs first-round matchup with the Mavs when Villanueva wandered directly between them. A bench player, Villanueva knew exactly what he was doing—attempting to rile up the opponent and get in his head. But this is Russell Westbrook were talking about, a man fueled by rage and Mountain Dew Kickstart. Westbrook and Payne kept right on dancing with Villanueva directly in between them before eventually shoving him out of the way.

James Anderson then attempted the same interference—and met the same fate. Though the Mavs escaped with the win, Westbrook and Kevin Durant had some strong words for the Mavs player sabotage attempt after the game.

The lesson here? Don't mess with Russell Westbrook, especially when he's in the middle of his dance routine.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock