Now Hear This: Drake's "Started From the Bottom" (VIDEO)

Check out the video of Drake's new single "Started From the Bottom" on

Since breaking into the music scene in 2009, rapper/signer Drake has been on an amazing climb. In his new single, "Started From the Bottom" (from his third album, slated to drop later this year), Drake talks about his humble beginnings. In the video above, we see a young Aubrey "Drake" Graham playing soccer on a field in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. We next see an older Drake getting a promotion as a clerk at a pharmacy. As the video progresses, we see Drake living the life of the successful artist he has quickly become. Drake even shows off his behind-the-camera talents, as he is credited as the video's co-director.

If you're an athlete who's had to work hard to get where you are today, this song will resonate. Add it to your playlist and make "Started from the Bottom" your anthem as you journey to the top.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock