Brian Drolet's Buddy Comedy 'Dumbbells' Features Plenty of Familiar Faces

A down-on-his-luck former basketball star tries to get back in the spotlight in 'Dumbbells,' a comedy starring Brian Drolet.


The buddy comedy Dumbbells tells the tale of ex-college basketball star-turned-trainer Chris Long (MTV's Brian Drolet), who gets a second chance in the spotlight. The run-down gym where Chris works becomes the setting for a reality show produced by its money-grubbing new owner, Jack (Hoyt Richards). But not everyone is on board. Chris and Jack must stand firm against the other employees, who resist the lucrative plan. Not only do they share a common goal, but they help each other deal with past demons and become unlikely friends.

Other cast members include Jay Mohr, Carl Reiner, Tom Arnold, Jaleel White (Family Matters) and Fabio. The movie also features a number of stunning female cast members such as TV's Mircea Monroe, whose most recent work includes the series Anger Management, and Taylor Cole (The Glades).

The film is directed by Christopher Livingston, best known for writing, directing and producing the offbeat comedy/drama Hit and Runaway. Drolet and Richards co-wrote the screenplay.

Drolet says inspiration for the film came from his own experience delivering pizzas for minimum wage. He says the movie focuses on the characters trying to figure out how they got where they are and how to get to where they want to be.

Dumbbells hits theaters in limited release Jan. 10, 2014.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock