Dwayne Johnson's Role in Upcoming DC Comics Movie Is . . . (Wait For It)

Dwayne Johnson will star in the upcoming DC Comics film, 'Shazam,' but which character will he portray?

Following months of fan speculation, Dwayne Johnson finally revealed the DC Comics character he will portray in the Warner Bros. film Shazam.

Johnson confirmed via Twitter that he will play the anti-hero Black Adam, Captain Marvel's nemesis. Johnson has been dropping hints for months, stirring up attention for the project and leading many to believe he was going to play the lead. However, it's easy to see Johnson in the role of the complex villain, who actually started out as an earlier version of Shazam from Ancient Egypt. Johnson himself is a fan of anti-heros and has said Black Adam is one of his favorites.

It remains to be seen how Johnson will interpret the character, because historically Black Adam has been a villain with surprising contradictions. In addition to his prideful flaws, he also has an honorable side, making him more interesting than the stereotypical bad guys who usually populate superhero films.

Writing the screenplay for this movie, centering on a boy who is able to transform into an adult superhero by using a magic word, is Darren Lemke, best known for writing the animated adventure film Shrek Forever After and more recently, Turbo. Actor/writer Bill Birch and Geoff Johns (Justice League: War) are reportedly also working on the Shazam script. Filmmaker Hiram Garcia is producing the picture. Garcia has worked with Johnson many times over the years and is currently co-producing Johnson's big screen action thriller, San Andreas.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock