View With Your Crew: Blue Crush

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This movie is all about sandy beaches, big waves and girls who just want to have fun.

Blue Crush [Universal]
Athlete's Choice: Ellery Hollingsworth
Release Date: 2002
Starring: Kate Bosworth, Matthew Davis, Michelle Rodriguez and Mika Boorem

Anne Marie Chadwick (Bosworth) and her three best friends live for only one thing—surfing. When her mom leaves her and her sister Penny (Boorem), Anne Marie must pick up parenting responsibilities, and she gets a job at a Hawaiian hotel resort to pay the bills. There she meets and falls for pro football player Matt Tollman (Davis).

Anne Marie still dreams of becoming a pro surfer, and she rides every day to train for the Pipe Masters competition, which has the potential to jumpstart her career. After a near fatal wipeout, though, her fears take over and she starts to second-guess her skills. The climax of the film comes on competition day. Anne Marie struggles at the start, and she's faced with the decision of whether to quit or continue to fight for her dream.

STACK's Take: OK, this is admittedly a chick flick, but guys are permitted to watch it as a guilty pleasure: the beach, the girls, some decent surfing scenes—what's not to like? Granted, the plot is predictable, but as a whole, the film keeps viewers entertained.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock