Exceeding Expectations: Cameron Jordan's NFL Combine Fire

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It's no coincidence that former Cal DE Cameron Jordan has seen his stock skyrocket leading up to the Combine and NFL Draft. His unquenchable desire to exceed expectations keeps propelling him toward his lifelong goal of becoming a dominant force in the NFL.

Jordan uses lessons learned and motivation from his father Steve, who played 12 years for the Vikings, to fuel his drive. "He imparted a serious work ethic on me," says Cameron. "I understand what it means to keep pushing yourself and not be complacent."

Taking this attitude into the Senior Bowl, Jordan used the opportunity to make himself an even better player. "I was taking all the coaching I could get and was talking to scouts to figure out what they thought I could do," he says. "I wanted to exceed those expectations." The result? NFL analysts praised Jordan's dominant performances during practices and games. Commented ESPN's Steve Muench, "He's relentless."

Regardless of past performances, Jordan realizes that the NFL Combine could make or break his Draft result. To improve his chances, he decided to train at Athletes' Performance in Phoenix, along with other elite college players, including J.J. Watt, Marcell Dareus and Adrian Taylor. Jordan believes that training with other talented players forced him to challenge himself even harder during workouts.

At AP, Jordan worked to enhance his strength with advanced training routines. But another top priority was to focus on technique. He says, "You can train intensely, but if you don't have the technique, you won't maximize your gains. That's something missing in a lot of the guys playing at the college level."

This is an important lesson for younger athletes who may not work much on perfecting their technique. At the next level, this could become a glaring weakness—one that could have been corrected. It's important to talk to coaches, like Jordan did, and ask them how to address your weaknesses so you can compete at a higher level.

At a young age, Jordan set his sights on playing in the pros. Focusing on  small challenges throughout his career, he kept moving closer to his  final goal. "I strived for small goals to reach the big goals," he says.

That is a great mindset for young athletes.

In Indianapolis this weekend, Jordan will present the results of all of his hard work and unsurpassed motivation. "I'm going out there to show everything I can and do it to the best of my ability," he says. "I'm looking to dominate in everything."

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock