5 Expert Fantasy Football Tips

Become a better fantasy football player this year by playing smarter with tips from Yahoo Sports' Angela Sun.

Arian Foster
Whether you're a fantasy football commish, rookie or veteran trade finagler, everyone can use a little help crushing the competition.

Angela Sun, host of the Yahoo! Sports Minute, is here to save your season. Each weekday, Angela gives millions of fans the must-share moments around the world of sports in less than 90 seconds. Use her expert advice to dominate your fantasy league this year:

  • Commit yourself: A recent study by Yahoo! Sports found that the average fantasy football player spends four hours a week preparing for each matchup. If you want to compete, you need to dedicate some time to researching matchups and trends.
  • Perfect your setup: Smartphones and tablets make up on your fantasy team easier than ever. Yahoo! has an app for Android and iOS that is a great couch companion with live scoring, news and a way to manage your team on the go.
  • Follow the experts but trust your gut: The same survey found that online resources are the most trusted source for fantasy football advice, with your own expertise coming in second. Yahoo! Fantasy Football Live is a great way to get last-minute advice from the experts on Sunday at 9am PT.
  • Don't get caught off guard: Set a routine for updating your team at the same time early in each week. Thursday night games run through week 15 this year and you don't want to be scrambling to change your starters 10 minutes before kickoff.
  • Be willing to pull the trigger: Fantasy seasons are often won and lost by a shrewd trade or a waiver wire pickup who turns into a stud. Assess your team's strengths and weaknesses and try to address them through trades.

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