FC Dallas on Throw-Ins

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Most people think that set soccer plays originate from corner, free and goal kicks. According to Marco Ferruzzi, assistant coach for FC Dallas, another great attacking option comes off the throw-in.

"If you have a player who has good throw-in ability," Ferruzzi says, "you have a great tactic to set plays, because throw-ins allow you to maintain possession and begin your attack down field."

Ferruzzi's throw-in tips

• Maintain a good body stance with feet shoulder width apart
• Grip the ball firmly; bring it over your head and behind your shoulders
• Have good control of your abs and low back
• Maintain good tension in your back to generate snap and power
• Create a forward-moving force by releasing the ball with your arms fully extended

Adding distance
• Gain momentum by running up to the end-line
• Build strength in abs and low back to generate more power

• Make sure teammates are aligned properly; problems occur most often when players are not in correct positions
• Get the ball on the ground as quickly as possible
• Throw to a teammate's feet so only one touch is required to gain control
• For a set play that needs to move quickly, hit your teammate in the head so he can advance it forward or backward

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock