First Look at "FIFA 13" Updates

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FIFA Soccer 13
EA Sports has released details on new updates to FIFA 13, and the news made us excited to get our hands on the latest edition of the storied franchise. The updates are designed to make FIFA 13 appealing not only to soccer fans, but to anyone who enjoys sports gaming that puts you in the middle of the action.

One of the coolest new features adds unpredictability to the game by refining controls based on players' actual abilities. With First Touch Control, the virtual power, speed and quality of passes more accurately simulate the player's real on-field ability and performance. Gamers who have played FIFA 12 will notice an immediate difference, since that game allowed any player to perfectly handle any pass, regardless of skill level. Just like in real life, superstars will be able to keep nearly any pass close, while less talented players are likely to juggle the ball a bit. Misplays will happen, but they won't be random. This tweak makes the game much more strategic and provides a welcome challenge.

EA Sports has been tinkering with dribbling for a few years now. For FIFA 13, the developer will unveil Complete Dribbling, which allows 360-degree dribbling while facing any direction. Players will have even more choices in one-on-one situations, as they'll be able to shield the ball and pull off some impressive moves. You'll make your choice based on your opponent's eyes, body placement and tendencies.

FIFA 13 also makes tweaks like tactical free kicks and improved player engines, which promise to make it the most realistic soccer game yet. Right now, it looks like EA Sports is planning an August 2012 release.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock