Todd Durkin's Complete Football Strength Training Program

Get stronger this off-season with the training program used by Drew Brees, Darren Sproles, Zach Ertz and other NFL players.

Get stronger for football season with this strength training program created by Todd Durkin, founder of Fitness Quest 10. The program is used by Drew Brees, Darren Sproles, Zach Ertz, Gerald McCoy and dozens of other NFL stars during their off-season training at Durkin's facility outside San Diego.

The program consists of three workouts that will improve your strength, size, power and metabolic conditioning.

Day 1

This workout, which Durkin calls Motivated Mondays, will crush you. It's a full-body workout organized into three circuits. Repeat each circuit for eight minutes, completing as many sets as you can within that time. Talk about tough.

Day 2

Wednesday is the big strength and power day. You start out with Power Cleans and Squats, both supersetted with a plyometric move to maximize power development. The third circuit builds both the upper and lower body, and the fourth circuit trains the core. You finish the workout with a "You Call It Circuit," meaning that you get to choose what exercises you want to perform for your grip, neck and/or core for five minutes.

Day 3

Friday is an upper body and core day. Again, the workout is divided into three circuits, but this time you do only three sets for a specific number of reps. The first two circuits hit your chest, back and core, while the third circuits hit your beach muscles to get an extra muscle-building pump.

Perform this program for four to six weeks to develop a great base for your athletic development. When you're finished, you'll be stronger and better prepared for the myriad of plays and situations you need to execute on the field. This is your first step to Train Like a Pro.

Program Notes

  • This is a snapshot of one week in the overall plan. Durkin likes to continually change the exercises and routines to challenge and motivate his athletes. Adjust the number of sets and reps as needed to maintain the challenge.
  • Each workout has some choices built in. Take advantage by varying your workouts each week.
  • This will build a foundation of strength you need to get faster. However, if speed is your goal, you should also get on the field on Tuesdays and Thursdays for some speed work.
  • The workout is appropriate for players of any position, but Durkin recommends adding position-specific work. For example, a quarterback might add some shoulder work, and big/skill players might add some extra treadmill time.
  • Each workout should start with 20 to 25 minutes of dynamic warm-up, plus bodyweight and plyometric exercises. Durkin's athletes say that this is often the hardest part of their workout.
  • Finish each workout strong with a finisher—Prowler Pushes (4x30 yards) or the TD Rebounder Game.
  • Always stretch to cool down and accelerate your recovery.

Todd Durkin's Football Strength Training Program

Todd Durkin's NFL Workout

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