Former NBA Star Stephen Bardo Talks About the Impact of Sports on the Future Success of Student-Athletes

According to Stephen Bardo, the benefits of playing sports extend well beyond physical attributes and well beyond athletes' playing careers.

Stephen Bardo, former University of Illinois standout, NBA star, basketball analyst and now a leading champion of education and a Leadership Ambassador for The National Society of Leadership and Success, took some time out of his busy schedule to provide insight into the current state of the student-athlete life, and how sports impact athletes after their playing careers have ended.

Following Bardo's recent interview with former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan for the NSLS's Thought Leaders Series, he sat down with STACK to speak about education, athletics and how sports shape the future of athletes today.

During a time when athletics and academics are often pitted against each other, Bardo explains why he sees a symbiotic relationship between them. According to Bardo, the benefits of being a competitive athlete extend well beyond physical attributes. Sports provide lasting life lessons that benefit athletes well beyond their playing careers. He claims, "to me athletics for young people is the best training ground for real world experience."

Watch the video above for Bardo's full interview.

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