Former Ohio State Quarterback Cardale Jones Goes Off on the NCAA

Cardale Jones adds his opinion to the growing body of criticism of the NCAA's alleged exploitation of college athletes.

Cardale Jones Twitter Rant

Cardale Jones, a man once known for his Twitter blunders, took to the social media airwaves this afternoon to take a few well-deserved shots at college football's governing body.

Jones won a national championship as Ohio State's quarterback when both Braxton Miller and J.T. Barrett went down with injuries in 2014. He started a handful of games in 2015 before his inconsistencies got him benched. Now free from the college ranks and readying himself for the NFL Draft, Jones raked the NCAA over the coals via his Twitter account this morning, specifically over a collegiate athlete's inability to profit from the use of his or her likeness while in college.

Jones isn't wrong. His role in delivering Ohio State its first national championship since 2002 surely helped the university not only sell tens (perhaps hundreds) of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, but also added prestige to a school that will help it recruit future players and attract money from donors to support the athletic program.

Will Jones's tweet change anything? Like he said, probably not. But he can finally voice his opinion, and we're glad he did.

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