Fox Sports to Broadcast Select Games From the 2016 Men's Big East Basketball Tournament in Virtual Reality

Ready to experience college basketball in virtual reality? It's coming soon, but it's pricy.

NextVR Virtual Reality Camera

Image via NextVR

Remember when you watched iRobot, the movie starring Will Smith that takes place in 2035 and features robots going rogue, and you were all like, "Boy I can't wait until that future becomes a reality"? Well, wait no longer, because that future is here, in the form of college basketball games broadcast in virtual reality.

In partnership with NextVR, Fox Sports announced their intention to broadcast the quarterfinals, semifinals and final of the 2016 Men's Big East Basketball Tournament in virtual reality. If you are lucky enough to have a headset, you can watch (or should we say "experience") the games. Instead of paying big bucks for tickets to Madison Square Garden, you can sit on your couch and be fully immersed in the action—as if you were actually in the arena.

Fox Sports says it will bring hoops fans to center court, into player huddles and under the basket, while including audio and graphics that highlight player stats, scores and other game updates. It's the first time a college hoops tournament will be broadcast in VR. You won't be able to heckle the referee or spill your beer on the court when a player falls on you while diving for a loose ball, but you will feel part of the future, wearing your headset while living among robots.

To be able to view the Big East tourney in virtual reality, you'll need a Samsung phone and a Gear VR headset, the latter of which runs $100.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock