Frank Kaminsky Might Have the Best Dance Moves in All of the NBA

Charlotte Hornets rookie Frank Kaminsky shows off some serious dance moves.

When you think of a 7-foot tall white guy who also happens to be pretty good at basketball, "superior dancer" is not a descriptor that immediately comes to mind. But Frank Kaminsky is shattering all kinds of stereotypes with his immaculate dance performance. It won him the Charlotte Hornets rookie dance-off ahead of a pre-season game in China.

Look at those moves. You've got "Ridin' the Pony," some sort of amazing two-step move followed up by what we'll tentatively call the "Taxi Driver," and finished off with a spin on the floor into a model pose. That deserves a standing ovation lasting at least five minutes.

Who knew Kaminsky could get down like that? You think he performed that routine during his pre-draft workouts and all the scouts were like, "Oh, wow, he's very flexible. That will translate very well into his post moves"? I honestly would have drafted Kaminsky No. 1 overall based on that, then immediately cast him in "Magic Mike 3."

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock