You Should Eat the Peel of These 15 Fruits and Vegetables

Read about the nutritional benefits of the peel or skin of 15 fruits and veggies and learn how to make them more palatable.

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In all likelihood, the first thing you do when you eat an orange is tear off that thick peel and throw it straight into the garbage.

Guess what? You're missing out on a lot of nutrients. The peel of an orange has nearly twice as much vitamin C as the flesh inside.

And thought it may seem gross at first, there are plenty of ways to eat orange peel

The same is true of lots of fruits and veggies; the peel is often the most nutritious part, and can be eaten despite what you think.

Bananas? Yep.

Watermelon? Sounds unbelievable, but it's true: that rind is great for you.

Here are 15 foods with powerful peels you should be eating, along with suggestions for how to add them to your diet.

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