Game On: Buzz!: Quiz World

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Buzz!: Quiz World [Sony]
Exclusively for the PS3 and PSP

The latest version of Sony's worldwide hit Buzz franchise is more difficult than Jeopardy, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune and Who Wants to be a Millionaire combined. With custom-control settings, gamers have more input and can strategize each round to outsmart opponents.

STACK's Favorite Features
Sofa vs. Sofa: Team up with three of your friends and take on another crew with this new online feature. A simple connection to the PlayStation Network allows gamers to hone their teamwork and compete against rivals to see just how well informed they really are.

My Buzz: Probably the coolest feature. You can customize and create your own quiz show. Especially handy when you're studying for a test, because you can aggregate Q&A on particular topics. Want to find out who knows the most about Afghanistan? Create a quiz and share it with others on the PlayStation Network.

STACK's Take: Like other Buzz! games, except this version allows total control. You can choose trivia categories and type of round, even create your own questions. Buzz!: Quiz World is a great way to bring your team or family together this holiday season—or any time of year. Definitely beats old-school board games.

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