WATCH: Cleveland Browns TE Gary Barnidge Catches a Football With His Ankles

See Briwns TE Gary Barnidge make an unbelievable touchdown grab in NFL Week 5. We don't know how he did it either.

Catching the ball with both your hands is hard enough in the NFL. Most of the time a defender is draped all over you, or your quarterback throws the ball 100 mph, or you have to make the grab knowing that somebody is about to knock you into the next dimension.

That's what makes Cleveland Browns tight end Gary Barnidge's touchdown catch in the fourth quarter against the the Baltimore Ravens in Week 5 so incredible. He didn't use his hands at all—at least until the ball was already secured.

Pressured in the pocket, Browns quarterback Josh McCown lofted a pass to Barnidge at the goal line. Ravens safety Will Hill jumped with Barnidge, swiping down at the football as it slipped through Barnidge's grasp and landed on his left foot. Before the ball hit the ground, however, Barnidge somehow trapped it between his ankles, then rolled over and grabbed the pigskin with both hands as his body fell directly over the goal line. Touchdown.

You can watch this video 100 times and still not fully grasp how Barnidge made this catch. His body control, the awareness to trap it with his lower extremities then grab it with both hands despite essentially being in a fetal position . . . how the ball never hit the ground. It's just wild. But the ball didn't hit the ground, which is why Barnidge's grab was the best play of Week 5 of the NFDL season.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock