Gear Up With Harbinger's Knee Wraps

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Harbinger Red Line Knee WrapIf you decide to use training tools or accessories during a heavy lifting session, make sure to use them properly. Too often, athletes show up at the weight room and try to use as many pieces of equipment as possible, when they really should focus on how much weight they can move while still keeping good form.

One way to gear up properly and still focus on form is by using Harbinger Red Line Knee Wraps. Harbinger's wraps are made of competition-grade elastic that allow proper knee position during weight lifting. The new color offering of black and red resulted from athletes requesting something more interesting than standard white wraps.

Avoid a rookie mistake: don't use them for every single set of lifting. Limit them to your last (and typically heaviest) set. Wrapping your knee provides additional support and increased stability on this crucial lift. You may even lift more weight. Just make sure to warm up and do a few work sets without the wraps, so you train the smaller, stabilizing muscles as well as the bigger groups.

If you're a weight room monster gravitating toward training more than team sports, give knee wraps a try on your heaviest sets of Squats. You might end up a powerlifter one day.

For more info and details on where to purchase, visit Harbinger's website.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock