Green Bay Packers Wide Receivers Do Catching Drill Dangerously Close to the JUGS Machine

Green Bay Packers receivers perform a dangerous drill with the JUGS machine during training camp.

Green Bay Packers and JUGS Machine

The JUGS Machine is a great tool to help football players improve their catching ability. Normally, the player stands a safe distance away and the machine launches footballs at a pre-programmed velocity.

Well, the Green Bay Packers receiving corp uses JUGS a little differently.

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Packers receivers have a drill called "Man Hands," in which they put their hands as close to the JUGS Machine as possible and try to catch the launched ball. This definitely helps strengthen their hands, but it could also cause damage. If the ball hits their hands wrong, it could badly injure a finger.

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Why do Packers receivers do it? It might be because quarterback Aaron Rodgers throws the ball with a lot of heat, or perhaps because the Packers struggled with drops in the 2015 season. Two of their receivers were in the top 20 for drops.

Check out the "Man Hands" drill in the video below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock