WATCH: Guy Tries to Lift Too Much Weight, and His Spotter Pays the Price

This lifter absolutely wipes out his spotter when he accidentally drops the barbell in the wrong direction.

Overhead Press Fail

We've all made dumb mistakes in the gym. I once saw a guy bench pressing when the plates slid off one end of the bar. Plates were flying all over the place, and one broke a mirror. Embarrassing, but far from catastrophic.

However, no gym fail can compete with this video we found on Instagram. It's. Just. Awful.

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Two things went wrong here. First, the guy performing the Barbell Shoulder Press is using too much weight. It actually looks like he is doing a Push Press, because he starts off with a leg drive; but that's probably because the weight is far too heavy and he needs to cheat to get the bar up. Second, no one should ever use a spotter on this exercise. The safest way to get out of a failed rep is to dump the bar, and you don't want a spotter to be in the way.

Dump it this guy does, but in exactly the wrong direction. You're supposed to dump it in front of you.

Luckily, the bar landed over the spotter's neck and he didn't get crushed. It appears there was enough clearance between the bar and the ground. But we imagine this dude was in pain after being almost totally annihilated by a heavy barbell. #EpicGymFail

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock