Haitian Hurdler Shows Off Before Race, Forgets to Jump Over First Hurdle, Finishes Race Anyway

Jeffrey Julmis got a little too worked up before his 110-meter hurdle race.

Jeffrey Julmis was pumped to run the 110-meter hurdles in Rio on Tuesday night. He was so pumped, in fact, that when NBC's cameras found him warming up a few minutes before the race was set to begin, he felt like peacocking.

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Pointing to his wrist as if to say, "You know what time it is!" Julmis, who hails from Haiti, appeared to be ready to dominate his competition. Then the race started.

We aren't sure what Julmis was thinking as he approached the first hurdle. Perhaps he thought it was a step farther than it actually was. Perhaps he simply messed up his step count. Whatever the reason, the once-confident Haitian ran directly into the first hurdle and went crashing to the ground as his competitors left him in the dust. Like a wise man once said, sometimes confidence will kill ya.

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To his credit, after taking a moment on the ground and looking awfully disappointed, Julmis got back up and finished the race by his lonesome. Instead of sulking off to the sideline, he finished what he started, for which he should be commended. Maybe next time, just as a precaution, he should refrain from showboating for the camera before the race. You know, in case he runs directly into the first hurdle again.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock