WATCH: Header Table Tennis is the Weirdest and Most Impressive Sport We've Ever Seen

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Head Table Tennis

If you crave incredible feats of athleticism executed by the most normal looking dudes alive, header table tennis is your sport. Combining table tennis with a form of soccer that only allows heading the ball, the sport was created about 10 years ago in Germany. In 2008, a German-wide tournament was established, because apparently no more than two people had ever played this game.

Competitors head the seven-inch rubber ball back and forth to create entertaining rallies like the one immortalized in low-quality video below. If this game piques your interest, head over to the sport's Wikipedia page. There, you'll learn that the sport is also called Headis, but we will not recognize that name because it sounds a bit inappropriate and adult-themed.

We do have to tip our hat to the two gentleman in the video below. Their ability to dive, duck and head through the rally is pretty damn impressive. We hope the headache/motion sickness combo was worth it for them.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock