Welcome to "Hell Week," Presented by Dick's Sporting Goods and ESPN

"Hell Week," an original documentary chronicling the Station Camp (Tenn.) High School football team's annual overnight training camp, debuts tonight on ESPN2.

Nestled along the Sulphur Creek Valley in the secluded town of Pleasantville, Tenn., is the NaCoMe Camp, which is "home to deep hardwood forests, many wildflowers and many wildlife creatures," according to the camp's website.

Sounds idyllic, right? But for the Station Camp High School football team, there's is nothing pleasant about their week-long summer trip to the NaCoMe Camp.

Welcome to "Hell Week" for the Station Camp Bison.

"We gain something down here. I'm telling you there's something magical about this place," proclaims head coach Shaun Hollinsworth.

What is Hell Week?

"Hell week is when you have nothing left and you still have to go out and perform 100 percent every day," says a Station Camp High School football player.

"It's a necessary evil," declares a member of the Bison coaching staff.

Another player captures the spirit of Hell Week in its simplest form by saying, "Right now, it's just a lot of hell."

Premiering tonight on ESPN2 at 7:30 p.m. EDT is "Hell Week," an original documentary chronicling the Station Camp Bison as they endure their annual pre-season overnight training camp deep in the Tennessee mountains.

The "Hell Week" series debuted online last year with a feature on Detroit's Cass Technical High School prior to their football team winning its second consecutive Michigan state title.

If history is any indication, "Hell Week" could translate to a deep playoff run for Station Camp. Take part in the team's journey starting tonight on ESPN2. Check out the feature trailer in the video above and make sure to tune in tonight.

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