Here's a Typical Day of Von Miller's Super Clean Diet

The reigning Super Bowl MVP gets real about his diet.

Von Miller has a body tailor-made for terrorizing quarterbacks. At 6-foot-3 and 250 pounds, Miller has a sleek yet powerful build that allows him to abuse offensive tackles in a variety of ways. He works his butt off inside the weight room, but make no mistake about it—a body like his is also built in the kitchen. In a recent interview with GQ, the reigning Super Bowl MVP revealed what a normal day of grub looks like for him.

Miller likes to wake up with a big breakfast. A typical morning meal for him includes four cage-free eggs, five slices of turkey bacon, some type of potato dish, some fruit and a cold-pressed juice. "I've got to have breakfast, straight off the top . . . I really do need breakfast to wake up. If I'm up at 7:30, I'm going to be eating breakfast by 7:40," Miller said. "Cage-free eggs, every day. I never get tired of it." Spoken like a true chicken farmer.

Miller also tries to eat a substantial snack twice a day. His favorite is Chef's Cut Jerky, which is packed with protein. "[Jerky] is fuel for my workouts. I'll just throw it in my gym bag or my backpack and carry it with me, and that pretty much covers my snacks throughout the day," Miller said. "I never really get too far away from three meals a day with two snacks in-between. That really helps keep me consistent, and in the NFL, consistency is what we all battle with."

A typical lunch for Miller includes chicken breast, complex carbs, cold-pressed juice and water. "I'm always having something different for lunch, but it's going to be some type of meal that is packed with protein and starches. I like to really stay in line with complex carbs because my body uses those to death and I can burn those the fastest," Miller said.

Dinner is usually similar to lunch, but Miller says he likes to eat on the earlier side so he can allow his body time to burn calories before he hits the hay. "I try to always eat before 9 p.m.," Miller said. "I like to eat and stay up for a little bit to burn off some of those calories before I get right into bed. But I'm strange in my timing of when I eat. I try to eat at the same exact time every single day." Miller's eating strategy may help him burn off extra calories, but if you're looking to add extra muscle to your frame, eating shortly before bed might be a good idea. A 2015 study in the Journal of Nutrition found that athletes who consumed a protein shake before they went to sleep increased muscle mass and strength more significantly than those who did not.

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Speaking of protein shakes, Miller downs his fair share. He's not concerned with taste—he's concerned with what's inside. "As long as it has everything in it that I need—from the amino acids to the proteins to whatever else it may be—I just need those in there. And I need it right after a workout," Miller said. "I look at it like premium gas. It might not taste the same, but I know what it's going to do for my car."

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But Miller's diet hasn't always been so clean. He claims he ate Chick-fil-A every day back when he was a student-athlete at Texas A&M. But when he got to the NFL, it was a lot easier for him to control what he put in his body. This isn't to say that Miller doesn't ever allow himself to indulge. He tries to eat clean 90 percent of the time, opting for treats like ice cream and soda on rare occasions.

However, Miller's private chef helps him feel like he "cheats" more often than that. "I've even created a way to cheat healthy. So my chef makes all the cheat meals I like in a healthier way. If I like fried rice from the Chinese restaurant, my chef might make it with brown rice cooked in a healthier way," Miller said. This seems to be a popular technique used by pro athletes. Portland Trailblazers guard C.J. McCollum once told STACK he does something similar.

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