Here's Visual Evidence That Jim Harbaugh Actually Drinks Milk With His Steak

It's still pretty gross.

Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines, is an eccentric dude. He stars in rap videos as a recruitment tool. He owns approximately 10,000 pairs of khakis. And he's got some weird thoughts on nutrition. In November of last year, Harbaugh stated that there were four "natural steroids" in life—sleep, water, whole milk and steak—and that athletes should take full advantage of them. Sleep and water are obvious, but he thought of eating a steak and washing it down with milk sounds like the worst thing a human could do—so gross, in fact, that we were skeptical that Harbaugh was even following his own advice. We were wrong.

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Harbaugh made an appearance at Ruth's Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor, mostly to take advantage of a 50 percent discount deal that resulted from Michigan's 79-0 destruction of Rutgers, and placed his order. One big fat steak, and, yes, a glass of whole milk.

You're true to your word, Jim, and we respect that. Just please don't post any video of you washing down that fine meat with said beverage. That's a visual no one wants to see.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock