How 3 Top NFL Draft Prospects Plan to Celebrate Their First Big Play as a Pro

From sack dances to touchdown celebrations, planning things out is important.

Despite the NFL's dedication to fully embracing its "No Fun League" moniker by launching a yellow flag in the air to penalize even the most innocent of celebrations, NFL players have certainly not stopped engaging in them. Athletes need an outlet for their emotions after delivering a big hit, scoring a touchdown or sacking a quarterback, and channeling that energy into a simple Dab or Ju Juing on That Beat is far down the list of damaging football movements.

The celebrations of elite players in the NFL have become their signatures. When you think of John Elway and Terrell Davis, you think of the Mile High Salute. When you think of Victor Cruz, you imagine his salsa dance. When you think of Von Miller, you remember his now-defunct pelvic thrust. The celebration represents the player, which is why some of the top prospects in the 2017 NFL Draft have already put a considerable amount of thought into what their signature celebration will be at the next level.

For UTEP running back Aaron Jones, who grew up in a military household, he wants to keep things simple.

"[I want to do] the same one I did in college," Jones told STACK. "Just point to the sky and thank God."

Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes—who some experts think has a chance to be the first quarterback selected, ahead of guys like Mitch Trubisky and even Deshaun Watson—has an idea of what he wants to break out after he tosses his first touchdown pass, but he's reluctant to show it too early.

"I did the flex at [Texas] Tech, but I probably won't do that until I'm a little bit into my career," Mahomes said with a laugh. "I'm not trying to do anything like that yet."

Stanford DE Solomon Thomas, on the other hand, is plotting what might possibly become the single greatest celebration in NFL history after he gets his first sack on Sunday. He busted it out once at Stanford, but was immediately flagged for taunting and hasn't brought it back since. Thomas sounds like he's ready to bring it back to life at the next level, and we'll all be better for it.

"I threw up the District 12 sign from Hunger Games," Thomas told STACK. "I'm a huge fan of Hunger Games and so are all of my boys back home. That was going to be my college sack dance."

Even if a ref does throw the flag, we hope Thomas channels his inner Katniss Everdeen each and every time he records a sack. An incredible celebration like that should never be denied. .

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