How to Optimize Your Workout Nutrition With Meal Prep

When you are giving 100 percent day in and day out inside the gym, don't let lack of preparation outside the gym hinder your progress.

I think we all can agree, preparation leads to success.

Whether we are talking about family, career, business or personal life, the concept of preparation comes up in some way, shape or form.

But what about eating?

Far too often we think of our fitness goals in the physical sense, when in actuality the physical portion of the pie may just be the smallest piece. Here in lies meal prep.

Throughout my time as a personal trainer, I have realized that clients are more often than not committed to the training aspect of their fitness journey no matter how tough that road may be. Nutrition on the other hand presents a far greater hurdle.

And that comes as no surprise. Food has become a key component throughout our favorite parts of American culture. Whether at holidays, sporting events, birthdays or any other celebration, food is the cornerstone. Typically, it isn't the healthiest cornerstone either. We've grown up thinking hot dogs, hamburgers, cake, beer and many other foods are normal and harmless. Recent and emerging studies show this isn't the case.

That being said, to get the best results from each training session requires one to be conscious of everything they put into their body. And the best way to always be in control of this is through meal prep.

Whether you are on the keto, low-carb or paleo diets—or simply trying intermittent fasting—meal prep will absolutely help you stay consistent and find what you are looking for.

When preparing for my first physique bodybuilding show, preparation was a must for me. I placed 4th in my first show, and without meal prep I wouldn't have even been able to compete, let alone do as well as I did.

Meal Preparation

Benefits of meal prep

1. Less headache, more time: A couple hours of prep time will save you a ton of time during the week! I cannot emphasize this enough. The time you will save not having to cook food throughout the week will feel great, I guarantee it. And less time spent cooking allows you to squeeze in a few quick sessions at the gym more easily.

2. Save money!: Doesn't everyone want to save money? Meal prepping helps avoid unexpected temptation of eating out, which means some extra money in your pocket. While a great workout doesn't have to cost anything, it never hurts to try out a new class or use the extra money for a great new pair of kicks to get you there.

3. More in tune with your body: Whether you are prepping yourself or ordering from tastebudsbystorm, you will begin to know your body in a way you may never have before. By beginning to know what does or doesn't work best for your body, you will be better equipped to track progress and make adjustments along the way. Learning to listen to your body in the kitchen and in the gym is the key to success.

4. Pave the road for the journey: We are all on our own fitness journey, but a little bit of discipline goes a long way to making the road less bumpy. Meal prep provides the building blocks to creating a healthier lifestyle, which in turn will always help you, stay on the right track.

No matter what your training goals may be, prepping your meals ahead of time and having a schedule will make those goals more attainable. When you are giving 100 percent day in and day out inside the gym, don't let lack of preparation outside the gym hinder your progress!