Exclusive Coverage of the IGN Pro League's eSports Tournament

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Charting the ever-changing landscape of sports, STACK recently expanded its coverage to the world of eSports. Earlier this month, we headed over to Atlantic City for the third IGN Pro League gaming tournament.

Throughout the four-day StarCraft 2 tournament, we captured content you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're an eSports newbie, a casual gamer or a seasoned tournament competitor, you'll find something of interest. Newbies and future Pro League hopefuls will glean glimpses into the lifestyle of professional gamers.

Along the way, we interviewed what many refer to as the "New York Yankees of the eSports world"—the Evil Geniuses. Bryce Bates and Benjamin Baker described eight- to 12-hour daily practice sessions at their team lair in Phoenix, proving that professional gamers, like athletes in other sports, devote their lives to continually improving their performance.

Wondering how gamers make a living? Scott Smith, managing director of Evil Geniuses, offered insights into both the  level of commitment necessary and the rewards associated with professional status in eSports.

For the perfect combination of mainstream sports and eSports, we sat down with former Final Four superstar, current Utah Jazz baller and self-described passionate gamer Gordon Hayward, who was competing in the tournament. Right after basketball practice, Hayward spoke to us about the similarities between basketball and professional gaming. Stay tuned for his thoughts and comments on how the two are closer than you think.

David Ting, general manager of eSports at IGN, is the guy who makes it all happen. Describing it as a side project at first, Ting took us through how he nurtured his baby until it became a full-fledged sports phenomenon. Now, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are streaming the tournament on their computers, watching these elite gamers compete at the highest level.

Looking for gaming gear? We've got you covered there, too. We interviewed Marc Diana, product manager for Advanced Micro Devices, to discuss the latest Eyefinity technology, which was on display. Diana took the time to express his thoughts on AMD's latest processors and the future of his company. His creative team displayed their latest eight-core processor, overclocked to 6GHz on Liquid Nitrogen to keep it at zero degrees Celsius—allowing gamers to play on an insanely beefed up system.

If you're following us on Twitter at @STACKMedia, you caught some shots of us hanging out with these and other eSport notables during the tournament. But there's much more to come. Stay tuned as STACK continues its coverage of the world of eSports.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock