Improve Core Strength With the Chaos Band Plank

A traditional Plank won't necessarily do a lot to improve your core strength; this variation will.

Planks are not exciting, especially if you can hold them for several minutes. You hold the position and stare at the clock waiting for the inevitable fatigue. In reality you aren't doing much to improve your core strength.

That's why I have my strong athletes do the Chaos Band Plank. This advanced variation of a Plank will light up your core, improve stability and leave you mentally fatigued. The instability of the band forces your upper-body muscles to engage to maintain control, which helps to strengthen small muscles that can aid in better reactive strength through a variety of movements.

On-field movements during the game will include unpredictable movements and forces; and so will this variation. This plank helps you create tension to withstand those movements to maintain your position, which helps you create strength and power while fighting off injuries.

How to Perform the Chaos Band Plank

Chaos Band Plank

  • Assuming you have a squat rack with pins, attach a heavy resistance band to the pins of the rack, preferably two to three holes from the floor for the first two exercises, and four to five holes above the ground for the rowing variation.
  • Get into a normal Plank position but place your elbows on the band for support.
  • Extend your legs to reduce spinal stress, which is caused by arching. Tighten your core because the uncontrollable oscillations of the band will cause you to shift.

Watch how to perform the basic variation in the video player above. If you're up for it, here are two advanced variations.

Chaos Typewriter Walks

Chaos Plank w/DB/KB Row