Improve Your Fitness Knowledge With 5 Educational Fitness Podcasts

STACK Expert Justin Ochoa offers five podcasts on training and nutrition that will add great info to your knowledge base.

Living a healthy lifestyle goes far deeper than just hitting the gym and eating well. If you're an athlete, coach, trainer or someone who prioritizes fitness, you can attest to this.



Living a healthy lifestyle goes far deeper than just hitting the gym and eating well. If you're an athlete, coach, trainer or someone who prioritizes fitness, you can attest to this.

One of the major facets of fitness is education. No matter how you implement fitness in your life, continuing to learn more is never a bad thing. Fitness podcasts can complement what you learn in the gym. They're portable, easy to listen to and highly effective.

Here are five fitness podcasts that really stand out.

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1. Industrial Strength Show—Joe DeFranco

If you're serious about getting to the next level of strength, as a coach or an athlete, this podcast needs to be a part of your weekly routine. Joe D has a no-BS approach to strength and conditioning. Whether he has a guest host with him or he's rolling solo, each episode is packed with facts on training, nutrition and recovery.

I'm guessing you will learn something new every episode, no matter how experienced you are. This is one of the highlights of my week.

Some of his notable guests have included Kelly Starrett, Jill Miller, Eric LeGrand, Eric Cressey and Mike Dolce. Listen here.

2. Fat-Burning Man—Abel James

Abel James, creator of the Wild Diet, delivers the weekly Fat-Burning Man. He's been at it for quite some time too, with episodes dating back to 2012.

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His podcasts focus heavily on nutrition, but also cover training, recovery and overall lifestyle optimization. They often feature expert guests.

As far as general health topics go, this is a solid, trustworthy podcast.

3. Activ8 Radio—Activ8 Media

Cory Gregory and John Fosco have nailed the balance between informative and casual in this twice-weekly podcast. It's both educational and super down-to-earth.

The topics are all over the board, in a good way. It's more than just a fitness podcast. I really appreciate the focus on brand management, personal development and outside-the-box training techniques that these guys incorporate. Remember, you heard it here first!

4. The Rich Roll Podcast—Rich Roll

Rich Roll is over 200 episodes and 10 million downloads deep with this podcast. His guest list is like an international who's who of health and wellness pros. If you want to seriously learn how to live happier and healthier, this podcast is for you.

The episodes can get lengthy, but if you chip away at them during your commute throughout the work week, you can easily consume some great info. You'll hear insights from successful individuals from around the world, and hopefully you can create some healthy habits based on what you hear.

Check out the podcast here.

5. Super Nutrition Academy—Yuri Elkaim

The Super Nutrition Academy podcast is no longer airing new episodes. It's been about a year since the last new one, but I urge you to binge-listen to the existing episodes. Yuri Elkaim knows his stuff, and his guest hosts are among the best on this whole list.

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You'll hear from the likes of Vani Hari, Fab Mancini, Mark Hyman, Jim Kwik and Peter Osborne. This podcast shares a seriously next-level amount of knowledge about nutrition in each episode.

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