J.J. Watt's 8 Rules On How To Be the Best Athlete You Can Be

STACK compiles 8 tips from NFL superstar J.J. Watt that can put you on a path to greatness.

Everyone knows that J.J. Watt is a beast on the field. His 20 1/2 sacks last season prove it. But Watt is an extraordinary man off the the field as well. The NFL star has done many wonderful things for charities, and he even has his own foundation. So it was no surprise that he was willing to help the Narbonne High School (Harbor City, California) football team.

Watt recently visited the team and gave the players a day to remember. The NFL's Defensive Player of the Year handed out Reebok gear, including "Hunt Greatness" t-shirts and Reebok ZPump Fusion. He also performed stretches with the team and posed for a group photo. But the best thing the athletes received from Watt was a speech on how to become the best high school athletes they can be.

In the video above, Watt says that young players hold their future success in their own hands, and that it depends on how hard they work and on the decisions they make every day.

STACK broke down Watt's remarks into a list of 8 rules. Follow them to become the best you can be..

1. Stay after practice to do extra sprints and stretches

No one likes conditioning after a long practice,  but to become successful you need to stay later than anyone else and put in the extra work.

2. Hit the books

Get good grades now so you can go to college and achieve success later. If you do not study, you won't be eligible to play.

3. Eat the right things

Take the time to cook meals that will help you, not hurt you. Yes, that means avoiding that junk food you love so much.

4. Come together as a team

If you want to be successful, you have to come together as a team. When making important decisions, do it as a team.

5. Take the right path. It's not cool to go against what's right.

"You know what's cool? Signing a piece of paper to get a scholarship to a Division I school," said Watt. Partying may be what other people think is cool, but if you want to be successful, listen to Watt.

6. Ask yourself, "Why not me?"

Don't listen to the haters. Do your thing. Have the confidence to ask yourself, "why not me?"

7. Lift other people up. Don't be "that guy."

Watt talked about how you tend to be like the five people you hang out with most, most likely your teammates. So make sure you do whatever you can to help them. Don't be the guy who brings other people down. It's as simple as that.

8. Make sacrifices

It all comes down to the sacrifices you will have to make every single day. To be great, stick to these rules and continue making tough sacrifices.



Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock