Jameis Winston Is Still Considering a Career in Baseball

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback still has a deep love for the sport.

Jameis Winston's sophomore NFL season got off to a rousing start when he threw for four touchdowns in a Week 1 win over the Atlanta Falcons, but it's clear that the former Florida State Seminole still has baseball on his mind, even if only as a future endeavor.

Winston, who was a pitcher at Florida State and was originally drafted by the Texas Rangers in 2012, appeared on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday. When asked if he could rule out a return to baseball in the future, he didn't exactly shoot it down.

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"I guess I gotta say that right now," Winston said with a laugh. "But I love baseball so much. The highlight of my year was being able to throw the first pitch out at a Yankees-Rays game. So that was pretty good for me."

Per Pro Football Talk, Winston has a no-baseball clause in his contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so as long as he wears those alarm clock numbers on his jersey, he won't be picking up a baseball and playing professionally. Still, Winston's affinity for baseball is clear. At the beginning of the video, he goes into great detail on how being a quarterback is like being a hitter, in that reading a defense is similar to guessing what pitch is coming. Perhaps one day we'll see Winston back on a mound.

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