WATCH: NFL Linebacker James Anderson's Explosive Twist on the Push-Up

Dallas Cowboys linebacker James Anderson performs an exercise that develops explosiveness, lower-body stability, and first-step quickness.

This fall, linebacker James Anderson, will be entering his tenth season in the NFL, signed last December by the Dallas Cowboys. Judging from his Instagram feed, Anderson is relentless about his weight room workouts, and he often posts videos of himself working on everything from boxing skills to footwork drills, from Hang Cleans to single-leg strength.

An exercise Anderson posted recently caught our attention, because it simultaneously promotes upper-body and core explosiveness as well as lower-body stability and first-step quickness, to help him blast off the line of scrimmage. First he performs an explosive Push-Up, landing in a Forward Lunge. Then he grabs a med ball in front and pushes forward with his front leg.

Check it out below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock