Jason Pierre-Paul Proves He Will Be Able to Use His Mangled Hand This Season

Jason Pierre-Paul continues to show improved function in his hand, which was injured in a fireworks accident last year.

Jason Pierre-Paul

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was in a brutal accident last July 4. As he set off fireworks at his home, one exploded in his hand.  Pierre-Paul lost his right index finger and parts of his thumb and middle finger, forcing him to miss most of last season. When the two-time Pro Bowler did play, he was unable to use his injured hand. Well, after more surgeries and hard work, JPP is out to prove that he will be able to use his hand this season.

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On Thursday, JPP took to Instagram to show off how much his damaged hand has improved. Pierre-Paul can now grip a football. The caption under the photo reads: "Still got that grip tho."

It also looks like JPP will be able to wear specially designed gloves this year, instead of having to wrap his injured hand like a club, as he was forced to do last season. Having better use of his hand will definitely help him get to the quarterback quicker and take down offensive players more easily. Keep up the good work, JPP.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock