2K Sports Signs Jay-Z as Executive Producer for "NBA 2K13"

Jay-Z has become an executive producer of NBA 2K13. Learn more about his role and listen to the game's soundtrack.

NBA 2K13 Jay Z

In the last three years, the NBA 2K video game franchise has grown substantially. First, the brand signed Michael Jordan and made his greatest career games playable, including legendary games like Bulls/Lakers in '91 and MJ's Flu Game from '97.

Last year, 2K built on that success by featuring more controllable vintage teams right out of the box, like the Lakers led by rookie Kobe Bryant and the Charlotte Hornets featuring Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning.

This year, 2K has done it again by signing Jay-Z as the executive producer of NBA 2K13. The video appeared first on Jay-Z's site, Life + Times.

Jay-Z has his name on the cover after he created the game's soundtrack, featuring 24 tracks from his library along with music from Kanye West, Nas and others. But his involvement goes beyond musical selection, although that's probably what got the two sides talking. Jay also had input on the look and feel of the menus and the overall aesthetic of the game.

In a release from 2K Sports, Jay Z said, "This has been a unique opportunity to collaborate with 2K Sports and be a part of one of the best sports video games in history."

You can listen to soundtrack right now. For more on NBA 2K13, head over to the game's Facebook page.

Source and photo: 2K Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock