Kansas Basketball Conditioning Test

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If you're looking for a test to get you in shape and challenge your mental toughness before the grind of the basketball season, welcome to Jayhawk country—home of one of the toughest teams in the NCAA.

Kansas basketball players develop mental tenacity by enduring a painful test prescribed by their strength and conditioning coach, Andrea Hudy. "Our conditioning test is not a speed development drill; it's a gut check," Hudy says. "We use it to push our athletes past their limits, which shows them they can accomplish anything they put their minds to."

The test is too intense for the regular season, so use it to measure your conditioning level before the games begin.

Hudy's Pre-Season 22s Conditioning Test

• Start at baseline
• Sprint to opposite baseline
• Sprint back to starting baseline
• Sprint back to opposite baseline again
• Sprint back toward starting baseline, but just sprint through second foul line
• Finish entire pattern in 22 seconds
• Perform 20 reps with 22 seconds rest between reps



Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock