Kimbo Slice's Son 'Baby Slice' Flattens Opponent with HUGE Right Hook in MMA Debut

In his first amateur MMA fight, Kevin Ferguson Jr., son of Kimbo Slice, showed he might be good at the family business.

Kevin Ferguson, Jr. a.k.a.

Looks like knocking people out cold runs in the Ferguson family.

Kevin Ferguson Jr., son of "Kimbo Slice" (Ferguson Sr.), made a statement in his amateur fighting debut, scoring a first-round knockout against opponent Tom Brink. The match, which took place at Warrior Nation XFA XII, lasted just 83 seconds before a huge right hook from Ferguson Jr. sent Brink flopping to the mat.

Ferguson Jr., who's been dubbed "Baby Slice" by fans, fights in the 175-pound weight class. His father didn't want him to carry on the family business, and Ferguson Jr. spent a year in art school before he felt the urge to get into the gym and try knuckling up as a career. Early indications are that the kid has a knack for it.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock