Kobe Bryant Did the Most Kobe Thing On His First Day of Retirement

Does Kobe know what 'retirement' means?

Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant played his final game on Wednesday, and he shocked everyone by pouring in 60 points. That makes one more thing to add to his already extensive list of achievements, but what Kobe did the day after will blow your mind—unless you truly understand what makes Kobe Kobe.

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The morning after his final game as a Laker, the 37-year-old hit the gym and worked out. That's right, even after hoisting up 50 shots from the field and playing 42 minutes, the Black Mamba worked out.

Reports reveal that the five-time NBA champion woke up, got a workout in, and was in his office by 8:30 a.m. We aren't sure whether Kobe knows what retirement means, but that's the most Kobe thing he could've done. We don't expect him to get a dad bod anytime soon.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock