LeBron James and Ben Simmons Are Getting After it in the Gym Together

One of the NBA's best has taken the potential rookie of the year under his wing.

Before Ben Simmons made it to the NBA, before he even suited up for LSU, the Australian was being compared to LeBron James. Simmons's combination of size, handles and court vision makes the similarities easy to see, though James's résumé puts an awfully heavy burden on the younger man's shoulders as he prepares for his rookie year with the Philadelphia 76ers.

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The connection between Simmons and James goes deeper than words on a page. Both are signed with Klutch Sports, the agency run by Rich Paul, which also boasts John Wall, J.R. Smith and others among its clients; and they have already started to develop a relationship off the court. And what better way to prep for one of the most hyped rookie seasons in recent memory than to work out with the man everyone wants you to be?

Ben Simmons and LeBron James

James and Simmons took to the gym yesterday to get in a workout with James's personal trainer, Mike Mancias. The two players worked on their dribbling before getting into weight room, where Simmons spent time working his core and legs using an exercise ball, and James strengthened his arms and shoulders.

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It's pretty cool of James to take Simmons under his wing like this, and 76ers fans should be ecstatic that Simmons is already learning from a legend before the preseason has even begun. The 2016-2017 NBA season can't come soon enough.

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