LeBron James Pregame Dunk Session (VIDEO)

LeBron James puts on a show with some amazing dunks during the pregrame warm ups.

LeBron James has won nearly every award and accolade imaginable as an NBA player. The one trophy he does not have in his collection is NBA slam dunk champion. Since James entered the league in 2003, fans have been yearning for the Heat high flyer to go head-to-head against guys like Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard in the Slam Dunk Contest. Asked at this year's All-Star Weekend if he would ever compete in a dunk contest, James responded, "I'm getting older. It ain't looking good."

It's safe to assume that James will never compete in the official dunk contest. So fans will have to take whatever they can get—even if it's only a few ridiculous dunks during the pregame warm-ups captured on a camera phone.

Photo: Business Insider

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock