LeBron James Jr. Created His Own Player in 'NBA 2K,' and He's On the Cavs

In the game's "My Career" mode, Bronny appears to be following a career arc that's a lot like his old man's.

LeBron James Jr. is only 11 years old, but his incredible basketball talent already has Cavs fans wishing they could hit the fast forward button and have him succeed his father as the next NBA great, preferably on the same team his father has spent most of his career playing for.

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James Jr. has heard those pleas, and he's already taken steps to turn himself in to a Cav—at least in the online world. LeBron caught his eldest son playing "My Career" mode on NBA 2K, where you can create your own player and have him move up through the ranks of high school, college and finally the pros—and as luck would have it, the digital version of little Bronny ended up on the Cavs.

The the real life version of LeBron James Jr. still needs to get through middle school, but it's fun to watch the digital version of LBJ's son wearing a Cavs jersey and to dream of him catching alley-oops from his dad, in perhaps the last season of his NBA career, while wearing the same uniform. Maybe one day.

LeBron James Jr. Cavs

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock