LeBron James Only Took 2 Days Off This Summer

LeBron James was an absolute workout machine this summer.

No one would've blamed LeBron James for enjoying an extended celebration this summer.

He deserved it.

He delivered to Cleveland and Northeast Ohio its first championship in over 50 years. He did it against a team everyone thought was unbeatable. And to do it, he had to use every single ounce of his energy and talent.

If that doesn't earn you a break, what does?

Well, LeBron didn't really see it like that. Nope. Actually, King James worked out almost every single day of the entire summer:

Now that's dedication.

Thanks to the power of social media, we've been able to keep tabs on James and his workouts all summer. Here's a partial look at his fitness itinerary:

That's a busy schedule! LeBron has always been a hard worker, but even he acknowledges that he really got after it this off-season. Check out this excerpt from Sports Illustrated's recent cover story on James:

Shortly after Durant signed and the NBA's tectonic plates shifted, James started setting his alarm for 5 a.m., working out in a West Hollywood gym at 6. He insists the Warriors are not the impetus, but he acknowledges that he rarely trains this hard this soon.

A single game has yet to be played in the 2016-2017 NBA season, and yet Cavaliers-Warriors Round 3 already feels like a foregone conclusion. If that indeed comes to pass, all the extra work James put in this summer just might help the Cavs come out on top.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock