'Transformers' Writer Re-Imagines 'Dumbo' for Live-Action Adaptation

'Dumbo' is the latest classic animated feature that Disney plans to remake into a live-action film.

Transformers franchise writer Ehren Kruger is penning a re-imagined live-action version of the 1941 animated classic, Dumbo. The project offers a new take on the well-loved movie about an ill-treated circus elephant with unusually large ears who wills himself to fly because of his belief in the power of a "magic" feather.

Kruger's version features a family whose storyline parallels Dumbo's story. Disney plans to deploy the latest technology to create a believable flying elephant in a live-action flick.

Kruger is also producing the picture, along with Justin Springer (Tron: Legacy). Although he is primarily known for writing Transformers films, Kruger has a diverse résumé. His previous films include the drama Arlington Road and thrillers Skeleton Key and The Ring.

Dumbo joins a number of other Disney animated films that are being turned into live-action productions, including a Jon Favreau-directed adaptation of The Jungle Book.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock